Teaching and Projects

I teach ceramics at Studio One Toi Tū. The classes involve learning about using the pottery wheel. A key feature of the course is that naturally occurring local clay is used. Creating a connection with the local environment means students get to create something from here. Various methods for making are introduced to suit the individual maker. There is an emphasis on the course being fun and relaxing. More details in the link below.

Flying Saucers

During 2018 Jack is developing a community run space for learning about clay. It is a non-commercial activity where people are working together to develop their ideas. 

Here you can interact with locally dug clay, gas kilns and foot power. At Mairangi Bay there is an abundance of local clay which can be gathered then turned into something. The kiln project is under development. 

We have built a wood fired kiln at the clay pit, in the cave kiln style. This kiln is made entirely from the local materials. It is nearly invisible as it blends into the landscape. We have avoided introducing anything into the environment that did not originate there. 

Alternative Pottery Learning Space