Jar (Pine ash and feldspar glaze), stoneware, 2017.

Chun Jarlet, stoneware, 2017. 

Chun Over Tenmoku Bowl Te Onekiritea, stoneware, 2019.

Eight Petal Dish (Chun glaze, calcined seashell variation, clay from Tāmaki), stoneware, 2018.

Tenmoku Glazed Bowls Te Onekiritea (Varied thickness creating oil spots on the left and red/orange where thinly applied), stoneware, 2019.

Chun Dish (Clay from Ōrari river near Ōtautahi), stoneware, 2015.

Dunedin School of Art Gallery install process for Dunedin School of Art residency show (solo), 2017.

Plate (Salvaged fire clay and raw materials from south Ōtākou. Wood fired in the Dunedin School of Art anagama with pine), stoneware, 2017.

Installation view of Dunedin School of Art residency show Potter in Residence , 2017. 

Anagama Dish (Coarse clay from Ōtepoti, wood fired with pine), stoneware, 2017.

Striped Plate (Raw clay from Ōtākou, copper pigment), stoneware, 2017.

Optical Coherence Tomography #1 (Nano-scale image of subsurface glaze layer. Image made at the Auckland University Department of Physics), 2017.

Turquoise Jar (Clay from Tāmaki Makaurau), stoneware, 2016.

Installation view New Pottery Malcolm Smith Gallery (solo), 2016.

Chun Petal Dish (Elam School of Fine Art, Master of Fine Art presentation), porcelain, 2015.